What This Election Has Showed Me.

Growing up I didn’t care for politics, horrible I know. As I began college, I was more focused on finding myself and what my career should be, but I realized that a lot of news buzz was coming from fellow classmates and professors. I felt out of the loop and embarrassed that I didn’t know what was going on outside of my individual life. That’s when I began to search for ways to get informed. I started listening to NPR and tried to read some articles here and there. As election season approached, I figured I had to get informed in the candidates because this would be the first time I would vote for a presidential election.

I was a little surprised that Donald Trump was going to run for president. I wondered why he would want to do that? Then I saw that Hillary was running as well, I thought “Woman president? It’s about time! But is she right for the job this time?” Then this guy Bernie came out of nowhere, and my first thought was, “GREAT! I have to now learn about this other political view and see what he’s about.” Every presidential election ends up being a rivalry between republicans and democrats. From some history that I recall, it kind of worked out okay throughout the years for America because the socialist democracy wasn’t really being well represented in other countries and made some not so great people do some not so great things. In the end, I liked Bernie. But my reasons for liking him weren’t all about his plans for America. I think he really got my attention because he actually advocated for issues of America to be resolved. He brought issues to light, and reached thousands of young voters. I realized this man did a great deed for America, getting young people to pay attention to the issues of this country and to have a say in what will happen. I wasn’t too keen on his international plans, but he did have some good ideas for local America. I was so happy he called out the Wall Street people.

So by now we have it narrowed down to Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton…great.

Let’s begin with Hillary. I really do like that she is a woman and pretty qualified to be president. She has experience in foreign affairs and presidential decisions because of her status of First Lady back when Bill Clinton was president. The whole e-mail situation is really the main thing that the media has been carrying over her head throughout this whole election. Yes, I agree, she shouldn’t have used her personal e-mail for this type of information, but the real question to think about is, “Has anything bad happened because of this slip up?” She apologized the mistake and she is owning it. Most people in politics push this type of thing to the side. She is saying she is in favor of things she used to be against of years ago….YEARS AGO… I mean do you believe in a change of mind? Have you not witnessed other people change their views as years go by? Have they not believed in something at one point and then went completely against it after? People can change their views. Also if you go to her website she has a lot of explanations of her views on the plethora of issues in America. I was impressed with the detail.

Oh Donald. Why did you have to Trump things up?! To be honest, I was curious how a “businessman” would deal with presidential things. Then I remembered that this country fought agains corporate. To have business people have a say in how the country runs, can lead to destruction. If you think about it, what is the main goal of a business person? MAKE MORE MONEY! PROFIT! REVENUE! This is what they want. Unfortunately it’s the reality of the business world, especially for old white conservative people that are the heads of many corporations. Trump basically wants to use trickle down economics to fix America’s economic status. Do you remember when another president wanted to use this strategy? Remember how this was the start of the downfall of America’s economy? Here’s a link explaining why it can’t work: Explanation . If you compare Trump’s way of speaking on the media and what is written on his political website, you see that there is a vast difference in tone and knowledge. I don’t believe that Donald Trump wrote all of this on his page. If he did, someone please ask him to explain his plan for economic policy. The other factor of why I don’t support him, let’s be honest people you can’t deny this: He’s racist, sexist, and a liar. If you’ve seen the first presidential debate, he lied about a lot of things. Check the fact check sheet on the debate done by NPR. He blames Mexicans are the cause of all of our problems. Too many immigrants are coming to the country… What? First of all, there are a lot of immigrants coming into America from a lot of different countries around the world. Building a wall will literally do nothing but waste money on building it. People get into this country by airplane, you can’t explain a wall on the ground to stop people from getting into the country. He is racist. He has been sexist in many of his public appearances and interviews. If you haven’t realized it, you better check yourself. Sexist Tracker . He is not one for gender equality. My other issue is his slogan. Make America Great Again. WHEN WAS IT EVER GREAT?! Do you not remember when slaves existed? When there was segregation? When people couldn’t marry the people they loved? When a president unnecessarily began the war in Iraq? When women weren’t allowed to vote or have in say in serious matters because they only belonged at home? We have had issues all the time. I don’t think there was ever a year where everyone was at peace and nothing was wrong. If you don’t believe this…please take a history class.

What this election has made me realize is that there is still a racist and sexist problem in the United States. The fact that there are many people supporting Trump on these views is really scary. They are Islamophobic, racist, and sexist. The kind of people that exist as Trump supporters is really disgusting and scary that they live in our midst. Just look at this: Trump Supporters’ Unfiltered Voices . I don’t want this kind of America. No one wants this kind of America. America has an issue if these kind of people exist. They need to be educated or something of that matter, because what they say and stand for is wrong.

Then there are the people that don’t want to vote for either candidate, which I understand. But if you vote for a not so popular party and Hillary doesn’t get enough votes…CONGRATULATIONS You just elected Trump as president. I kid you not, Trump is probably hoping this will happen. I think people should really weigh their options. If you think that another candidate of another party is more eligible, share their stands on issues and videos in all media platforms. Get the word out! Maybe this candidate is really a great candidate for America. You have to speak up. Think of the lesser of two evils. It really is sad that some of us have to think about this, but hey reality check.

This election has really brought up a lot of issues, and major thanks to Bernie for helping many young people recognize their role in this election. America needs help, but please please please vote wisely. Research all candidates. Visit their websites. Register to vote.

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