The Twenty-First Summer




That number is so important for most young Americans. I didn’t think I would reach this age so quickly. It’s true what they say, time flies faster than you think. I turned 21 about six months ago and all I can say is that it was three degrees in New York City that weekend. Ever since, I’ve been trying to learn all these new concoctions that are now available to me and a few friends. Of course, I haven’t gone out all the time, school is way more important! But from the past few months, it’s been quite an adventure!

The thing is, it’s not just the freedom to drink that you get when you turn 21. It’s also the access to places that were forbidden for 20 years. I’ve been to rooftop places, dance floors with flashing lights and met quite interesting people. I know, you can find this at any party, but to have the ability to just go in and have a drink (even a light one) and enjoy views, is what is incredible. I don’t know why I haven’t traveled around the tri-state area before (major fault on money), but because of my age & job I have been to many more places near and far from home. I’ve been to NYC a whole lot and have learned to love public transportation more than ever. I’ve been to some really neat spots I would recommend for any traveler in NYC.

My friends and I made an excel spreadsheet with all the places we want to visit. We’ve only been to about four out of the 20+ locations on our list. Even when I go out with family, I don’t cringe to have a sip of someone’s drink. I can just order it myself! I don’t have to skip the drink menu, I can actually look at it and learn of all the ingredients of cocktails available at all these restaurants. I can have the choice to decide to have a drink or not. I didn’t have that choice before. Turning 21 was just a big step onto actual freedom of choice. The next big number birthday will probably be when I turn 50, but let’s not rush that.

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