Amalfi Views

After I changed my status to “OOO,” my two weeks of vacation felt great already. Nothing crazy going on at work yet, but to have those hours back in my day was going to feel so nice! Sadly, we were not off to a great start… I had to haul my luggage along down 5 … More Amalfi Views

Dalí’s Cadaqués

Since my stay in Spain was a month long, I decided to take advantage of the weekends and explore towns I haven’t been to before. I thought about renting a car, but unfortunately rules on the road have become more strict internationally, and now I needed an international driving permit if I wanted to drive … More Dalí’s Cadaqués

Summer in Spain

So the original plan was to enjoy a festival in Barcelona, and then wander through Italy for about two weeks. By some form of fate, or coincidental timing, my company started offering a work from home opportunity, but that it would be “allowed” anywhere around the world. So I figured, why not make my Italy … More Summer in Spain

Cordoba Treasure

When we arrived in Cordoba, we had 30 minutes of travel time to get to our AirBnB if we walked. Since we were tired, we took a cab. Not expensive and only a 10-minute ride! Our host was very nice and his apartment was rustic and small. It was a good setting for this city. … More Cordoba Treasure