Amalfi Views

After I changed my status to “OOO,” my two weeks of vacation felt great already. Nothing crazy going on at work yet, but to have those hours back in my day was going to feel so nice! Sadly, we were not off to a great start… I had to haul my luggage along down 5 flights of stairs and caught an expensive uber to the train station. My face was also melting from the 98-degree weather. I ordered an espresso macchiato and a sandwich before I boarded my train, then I was off! 

The next five hours were terrible. I had to take a fast train to Naples, catch the Circumvesuviana to Sorrento, catch a bus to Amalfi, and then another bus to my bed and breakfast. Getting to Amalfi on a budget and with luggage is not easy. This was my first sign that the next few days were going to be pricey if I wanted the comfort level I deserved while on vacation. Amalfi is considered the Beverly Hills of Italy, but for the right price you get everything you dreamt of. 

Tip: You can’t get to Amalfi only by airplane, you will have to take the Circumvesuviana if you plan to take public transportation. Otherwise, you can splurge and pay the 120 Euros Taxi. You do have the option to rent a car and drive to get the views, but I don’t recommend doing this if you’ve never driven in Italy, let alone in very narrow roads on a mountain. Give your rental car insurance a break.

My bed & breakfast was very quaint and had very nice views of the ocean. I wasn’t staying in the center of Positano, but a town just 15 minutes away by bus. As soon as Luisa, my host, left me alone in my room I sent a voice note to my best friend and broke down from the experience I had getting to my destination. I was physically and emotionally exhausted and it was my first day of vacation. After I vented, I opened my luggage and put on my basic blue strappy dress and walked to the nearest highly rated restaurant nearby, just 15 minutes. 

Although my face continued to melt from the heat, my mood was starting to change suddenly. It felt nice to get some fresh air and take in all the views I was getting from my walk close to sunset. 

I arrived at “La Tagliata” with no reservation, but at a prime time to be seated for the full course menu. The place had one rule: to eat the pre-fixed menu, all food made by Nonna (grandmother in Italian). I accepted the rule and had the most food I’ve had in my life. It was delicious. If you’re ever in the Amalfi Coast, I strongly recommend you visit this restaurant. If you’re staying in Positano and you have reservations there, they can arrange a taxi service to pick you up and take you to the restaurant. 

Luisa told me that since the buses ran on an hourly schedule, I could also walk to the center of Positano from the B&B. I figured it would be nice to get moving since I had spent 8 hours each day sitting at work. Since I had also spent a lot of time in air conditioning during those 8 hours, I underestimated the heat during the daytime. It took me about 30 minutes to get to the city center and the path was filled with stairs. I did come across a few people that were brave enough to go back up, but I knew I would have to catch a bus back to my room. Once I made it to the city center, I looked for some ice cream, browsed some shops and then had a late lunch/early dinner. 

Before I headed back to my B&B, I decided to get on line at Franco’s Bar and wait for it to open at 5PM. It’s a small bar and seating is very limited. I was able to get a seat and small table. I ordered two refreshing cocktails and took pictures of the views. I definitely recommend spending some time here, even if you wait on line, it’s worth it, especially at sunset.

After I headed back to my room, I decided I would try to check out the club back at Positano. The bus to the town was packed, but I made it early enough to have a drink before I got on line to enter the club. I had read mixed reviews about this place, and due to the time constraints on the bus schedule, and I didn’t think it was worth splurging a taxi ride late at night, I decided to skip the club and just go back to my place and fall asleep watching “Hitched”. 

Day Three was Beach Day! I had made reservations for a beach rental ($50) back in May, and I strongly recommend this. With the summer being high season for all of Europe, I knew beaches would be crowded, so I opted to invest in my own spot on the first row of beach chairs. I read a new book for a few hours and dipped in the refreshing water. I wish I had a waterproof camera or a friend with me to help take some pictures, but alas this will remain a mental memory. When I was in the water, I turned around to face the coast and I saw exactly what I saw on Pinterest: the buildings/hotels/restaurants built onto the mountain but in pastel like colors. I saw the beach chairs all in blue, while I still saw people walking up and down stairs in the town. I could even see my feet through the water. This was what I dreamt of when I had first seen a picture of the Amalfi Coast. I had made my dream come true.


On my last day on the coast, I decided to take a boat ride to Amalfi. I figured if I am on the coast, might as well take a ride to the actual town it’s named after. I love boat rides, you get wind to surpass the fact that your face was melting just 10 minutes ago, and you get to see all the other in between towns from the sea.

Amalfi is pretty, but I wouldn’t stay here for long. It’s become a tourist trap filled with restaurants and souvenir shops. I was able to get some nice shots of the duomo and tourists walking around. Although there wasn’t much to do here, in my opinion, I still enjoyed my time here because I got to just eat some good food and relax. After all, this was my vacation. 

On my boat ride back to Positano I met an NYU professor who had been solo traveling as well, while she had come to support her daughter participating in a symphony in Europe. I gave her some recommendations from the places I had visited, and she told me about her travels. It’s always nice to meet other fellow solo travelers while on these trips, because they’re on the same mindset as you: seeking adventure, delicious food, views, and good memories. 

My last night in the coast was spent throughout a few towns. A friend I had made let me ride on their vespa (scooter) showing me the coastline and all the other towns I hadn’t been able to make in my short visit. I had my Lizzie McGuire moment … and that was my trip in the Amalfi Coast. I had to catch a flight the next afternoon in Rome, so I splurged in paying a taxi to take me to the Naples train station. 

What a rush. Although, there is so much more I haven’t seen of the Amalfi coast, it truly is a vacation spot for anyone looking for one. Not much exploring to do here other than maybe a few Duomos still standing and just experiencing the delicious food and taking in the breathtaking views.

Next stop! Want a hint?

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