Amalfi Views

After I changed my status to “OOO,” my two weeks of vacation felt great already. Nothing crazy going on at work yet, but to have those hours back in my day was going to feel so nice! Sadly, we were not off to a great start… I had to haul my luggage along down 5 … More Amalfi Views

Cinque Terre.

    A train from Rome to Florence was easy. For our next destination, we had to take two trains. It wasn’t too difficult, we were already getting used to the time change so we were more awake on our train rides. It took us about three hours to get to La Spezia from Florence. … More Cinque Terre.


Our first train ride to Florence was easy. We took a direct train to Florence and spent about 3 hours traveling. We got off the train and I had the chance to practice my Italian. We couldn’t find a place to catch a bus or metro to where our hostel was. Sophia figured out that … More Firenze.

La Città Eterna

Rome caught Sophia and me by surprise. I was getting a little nervous when they started speaking Italian in the airport gate announcements. We bought bus tickets to a train station near our air BnB and waited to get on the plane for about 30 minutes. Off to a great start right? This was the first … More La Città Eterna