Embark on Your Own Journey

I’ve been doing a lot of writing all summer, none for myself. I would like to touch base with some thoughts that have come across my mind the whole time.

When it comes to expressing one’s self, we rely a lot on how we physically appear. We like that society and loved ones approve of who and what we are. But this shouldn’t be the approval we are looking for. Our own approval is the only one that actually counts.

It may take time to realize what is really our talent and strengths, but it shouldn’t take too long to make our own decisions. Sometimes people want the best for us and may overlook that we are almost there on our own. We might not want to disappoint anyone that we care for, but we also don’t want to disappoint ourselves. There may come a time when we may be faced with a difficult decision. A time when we have to choose between what people expect from us, or what we want to do. I’m here to advise anyone with doubt in themselves, to choose what YOU want to do.

It may be inspiring to walk the footsteps of a loved one that has had their own share of success in their life, but you shouldn’t be the shadow. (Quoting) Their life may be dreamy, but they are not the sun, you are. No matter the amount of success or dreams that they themselves have managed to achieve, what matters is what you want to achieve. Don’t follow a dream that has already been reached, follow your own that is still waiting for you.

Many times we fear the disappointment that may come from making our own decisions, but we must also remember that whatever the consequences may be, that is also a part of learning. Remember that you decide what your future is. Do not become the shadow of someone else and then when you’re forty think, ” I wish I could have done what I wanted to do, deep in my heart.” Reach for it. Grab it. Don’t let it go.

Walk or run if you have to, but don’t stop chasing your dreams. And if you still don’t really know what they are, don’t give up. Don’t stop searching. Don’t surrender.

If you thought you were chasing your dreams and found a closed door, well remember that a window will open (Quoting). Keep following your heart and your desires. Follow your intuition and never doubt yourself for a second.

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