Dedicated to N.H.L.

Initials of my nieces and nephew
Initials of my nieces and nephew

You may be an uncle or an aunt right now, or you have a long time to go, or you may be a godmother/father. I think this is the best title you can have before becoming a mom or dad. You get to learn about babies and kids in a hands-on experience.

Changing diapers was a tough one when I first started. You either smell it or you feel it from the outside and you know it’s time for a change. Your first time may be hard too because the baby doesn’t really know you and may be confused as to why you’re changing them instead of mom or dad. Don’t stress, it’ll take time and practice for them to get used to you and you’ll soon be an expert.

Sometimes you’ll get asked to babysit. Of course how can you say no to that cute little face? Just make sure you are prepared and maybe have some help. The parents will give you a list of things that will help: milk bottles, juice, baby food, bibs, toys, diapers, wipes, change of clothes,etc. It’s the basics of what you have to have in a bag wherever you are with a baby. With all of this you should be solid.

As they start walking you gotta help them find their balance and play with them. Trust me it’s a cool experience, because now you have witnessed them to take full on steps from no steps at all. It’s a tear-jerker sometimes.

But the best thing about being an aunt or uncle is all the fun and games you can have with the kids. If they play video games like you, then you share that bond. If you are really good at making funny faces, then they will love you and laugh all the time. If you share a love for movies and reading, that’s awesome too, especially because you have an excuse to watch your childhood movies and shows. (I know some of you miss them.) It’s the little things that really count. Every memory shared with the little ones is one to remember. Soon they will grow up and see you as a role model. But let that take some time. Enjoy the childhood moments. Plus when you have your own kids one day, you’ll be prepared with the basics.

The Love You Guys Share Will Be Priceless.

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