Operation: FINALS.


It’s that time of year again, at least for most northerners. Final Exams are approaching or are in the midst. It’s sometimes considered the time of a great tournament. Now that I think about it, I’m imagining a tournament between the students and professors. The professors are the creators of the game, while the students are the ones set on a journey. (Somehow Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire is coming to mind)

Now I advise taking advantage of reading days. It may seem like you have a lot of time on your hands, but father time likes to move quickly and distractions are all around you. I am not advising to go insane and study ALL day EVERY hour. Yes you should study about 85% of the day now, but the other 15% should be on food, sleep, and a little bit of controlled distraction (breaks). Maintaining your physical and mental health is important. Below are some tips I’m sharing as you prepare for this tournament!!

Tips (Exams):

– Go over your notes; I like to read mine aloud sometimes and read them like a story.

– Practice some homework, make flashcards if needed.

-“Teach” your roommate or some friend what you learned and remember.

-Use mnemonics (a device such as a pattern of letters, ideas, or associations that assists in remembering something).

-If your exam is a physical one (anatomy), draw what you need to know (if there is enough time).

-Highlighting is good, colors can influence your brain.

Tips (Papers):

-Make sure you understand your prompts and/or the instructions given to you by your professor.

-Research? TRY: Google Scholar, Your college library site, etc. But make sure it is a proven source.

-INTRODUCTION Paragraph is important. Your reader will get a glimpse of what you will be talking about.

-Connect your evidence with what you want to say or prove.

-Expand on certain points (if it’s a long paper) but remember to be direct and clear. Stay away from broad/vague terms.

-Need Help? E-mail your professor or ask a friend who may have already taken the course or is really good at writing to guide you.


-Get good sleep. (7-10 hours)

-Eat at least three times a day (healthy : some vegetables and fruit can go a long way too)

-Distraction (breaks): a little game on your phone or laptop, play heads up with your roommate or a friend, go to the gym, have a mini singing/dance break,or take a walk.

These are some things I’ve learned so far. Try to take you time in relearning the things you need to know, and try not to cram last minute. It doesn’t always work. I also am tempted to use outside things to help me stay longer hours, like Redbull, but try not to. Good sleep is nurturing your brain and physical health. If your brain isn’t functioning well, how are you going to retain all that information?! Make use of your whole day and the time between now and your exam. Just think, once you finish your last exam, you are FREE and get to enjoy your summer. Happy Finals guys!!

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