Cordoba Treasure


When we arrived in Cordoba, we had 30 minutes of travel time to get to our AirBnB if we walked. Since we were tired, we took a cab. Not expensive and only a 10-minute ride! Our host was very nice and his apartment was rustic and small. It was a good setting for this city. The great part about the location we stayed in was that the main place we wanted to visit was right around the corner, The Mezquita. Mezquita means mosque in Spanish.


Fun Fact: The mosque was the original building built here. A lot of Arabs lived in Southern Spain, but when the Catholics took over, they built a church within the mosque. I guess in a way it was out of respect, but it is very unique that you can see some sections that look exactly like a church, and others that may look like what the inside of a mosque looks like. One of the big attractions of this place was the arches. Incredible! Huge! Iconic Cordoba!


Afterward, Sophia and I were on a mission to find the infamous Calle de las Flores (The street of flowers)…and we found it! Of course, there were a lot of people that wanted to take pictures here, but we still managed to get some good shots!


As we kept exploring the other side streets with flowers, we found a cute corner that ended up being our photoshoot location of the trip. We basically peaked in Cordoba!


As the evening came upon us, we found the shopping area and recharged with some retail therapy by getting some classic Zara original outfits. I definitely recommend visiting any Zara while you’re in Spain. They have the latest fashions and the style is not the basic one that you see in the states. We also figured that this would be the last time we would have time to go shopping since we had to prep for our last stop of the trip. It gets chilly.



Soon after we finished shopping, we found a nice place where we had dinner and possibly the best ham of my life! Afterward, we walked a few streets down towards the Roman Bridge.


Fun Fact: Romans used to roam in the southern part of Spain as well, hence the Roman bridge, and also why you can see the Catholic parts of Cordoba within Arabic architecture and history. This is also where some of Game of Thrones Season 5 was shot at while Tyrion and Varys were on their journey to Meereen.

2018-09-07 23:09:30.944

While Sophia and I took a break on the other side of the bridge, I realized on my social media feed that Maluma (Spanish Singer) was having a concert in Sevilla! Crazy to think that I was so close yet so far to some celebrity faves of mine and that they were enjoying the beauty of southern Spain along with me.

We then walked back to our Air BnB and slept just enough to catch our bus to our last stop in Andalucia…Granada! Ta Ta!


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