I miss the times when I was small and Grandma and Grandpa would both make me laugh and I didn’t know really what was going on and I enjoyed their company. I remember my grandma took care of me basically all of my childhood and my grandpa visited here twice. Then when I would go over there, I liked sleeping with grandma still. She had a mini tv and we would watch the news every night. Grandpa would sleep in the other bed in the room. Then when it was morning they both woke up early. Grandpa would go on with his day, while Grandma made breakfast and cleaned the house every day. She made the best food. She would always be in the kitchen sitting in that white table peeling potatoes or anything she had to prepare to cook. She would let me go with her to the market sometimes. Grandpa would come back later at night and my mom and I once went with him to a park and took nice pictures. He would always make fun of me and asked if I had a boyfriend even though he knew I was still too young to know about that stuff. He loved to make everyone laugh. Grandma loved to make everyone smile. I remember when she was plump, then when she was very thin. My grandpa went through the same thing. They had their own history, much of that I don’t know of well, but I know deep in my heart that they had their beautiful happy moments together. He loved her and she loved him. Now they’re together. I pray that they find that love again in paradise. I love them. I miss them. ❤

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